Learn with experienced cake decorating teacher Rhu Strand

student learning sugarpaste skill

Experienced in cake decorating and sugarpaste modelling,  teacher Rhu is always working on new projects to bring to you and share skills she has won awards for at International Cake shows and now seeing her own students doing the same.

Book onto one of Rhu's sugarcraft classes or workshops in Hampshire, other locations around the UK or on holidays in France and you will be assured of leaning new skills and techniques that you can transfer to your other cake decorating projects.

Ranging from a beginners sugarpaste modelling class or covering cakes to the more complex and advanced sugarpaste skills of using armatures, making figures and creating one-off portfolio pieces to showcase your skills, you will find a class that is right for you.

Most classes have follow-up information and step by step photographic details on how you can re-achieve the class at home, plus where to buy your supplies and a chance to join Rhu's Student Group, a private facebook page exclusive to Rhu's students. 

Please note all modelling is done by hand and not with the use of moulds.

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You will find all the information for classes, workshops and holidays - along with class content, what you will learn, dates and prices.

Class prices start at £45 for three hours and £95 for a full day - two day workshops and holidays are priced individually.  All bookings just require a deposit to secure your place.

Hampshire classes and the holidays are kept to low numbers to ensure you are gaining the best learning experience.

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I have attended Rhu's Introduction to Cake Decorating, Introduction to Modelling and have just returned from one of her French Cake Breaks, and WOW!!! What an amazing time I've had. I was a complete novice just a couple of months ago, but Rhu has been inspiring, encouraging and so very patient. She has helped me achieve work I never believed I was capable of. Rhu is a truly amazing lady! I couldn't have asked for anyone better to introduce me to the wonderful world of cake decorating. I can't wait to do more of her classes. Jacqui x
Jacqui Portsmouth
Utterly Inspired!